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Matt Fronke's 4-Book series of trumpet books is quickly becoming a staple in the practice regimen of students, amateurs, and professionals everywhere.

Taming the Beast!

Set-Up Exercises for Today’s Classical or Commercial Trumpeter

Grooming the Beast!

Technical & Harmonic Studies for Today’s Classical or Commercial Trumpeter

Provoking the Beast!

Flexibility & Strength Exercises for Today’s Classical or Commercial Trumpeter

Release the Beast!

Upper Register Studies for Today’s Classical or Commercial Trumpeter.


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Here are just a few endorsements:

"I think this book series is absolutely fantastic! Coming from a classical perspective, it has many new challenges and the explanations are informative and humorous. I look forward to sharing these books with my students. I recommend these books very highly. Congratulations on writing this new series for trumpet."
David Washburn

Studio trumpeter on hundreds of motion picture soundtracks
Principal Trumpet of the L.A. Chamber Orchestra - Professor of Trumpet, Biola University and Azusa Pacific University

“Matt Fronke’s new series of books are filled with great exercises and insight to help anyone become a better trumpet player, from the beginner to the top pro! On top of all the incredible exercises, you also get some really fun insight into the humor and sarcasm of the mind of Matt Fronke, an absolutely inspirational person and trumpet player!!!”
Kenny Rampton

Trumpet, Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, Sesame Street

“Matt Fronke has really hit a home run with this series of books. The exercises in these books give a new twist to a lot of foundational material and his original content expands on all of that as well with more challenges that cover all aspects of trumpet playing. The addition of chord changes is a wonderful new way to approach these exercises for jazz players and classical players alike. I highly recommend this series.”

Paul Baron
Lead/Commercial trumpet player, Author, Educator - Author of books, Trumpet Voluntarily
Broadway tours (Newsies, Aladdin, Frozen) - Studio player on over 1,000 jingles, numerous movies, and video games.

"Who would ever imagine that Covid-19 Pandemic could produce something like this! Quarantined at home with too much time on his hands Matt has been able to get in touch with his personal beast to create these books for trumpet players. There's something in this series to challenge everyone's inner Beast. Congratulations.”
Charley Davis

L.A. studio trumpeter on hundreds of recordings and soundtracks, Trumpet teacher and clinician - Author of trumpet book A Tribute to William Adam

“I am very pleased to add my enthusiastic endorsement for Matt Fronke’s collection of trumpet exercises. The Beastseries is carefully organized into four volumes, each of which helps you to develop the comprehensive skill set expected of today’s professional trumpeter. This in-depth compendium includes warm-ups, plus terrific exercises to enhance your harmonic sense, technique, flexibility, and endurance. Most importantly, Matt is living proof that this pathway to proficiency works! He is an in-demand trumpeter, equally effective in multiple styles of music, jazz improvisation, and stunning lead playing. Include his exercises as part of your daily practice regimen and you’ll notice measurable improvements in your playing.”

Jeff Jarvis
Cal State Long Beach Director of Jazz Studies - Trumpeter - Composer/arranger

“Having worked with Matt for almost a decade I am absolutely stunned he has written not only one book, but four. He barely knows how to conjugate a verb! All kidding aside, these books have been a Godsend for me during this Covid crisis. These books have not only helped me get back into shape, but have challenged me in a way no other trumpet books have in my career. I LOVE that Matt uses jazz harmonies to take the monotony out of trumpet exercises and has helped me see the relation of certain patterns and scales within these chord changes. He covers all the bases and addresses many of the truly problematic issues most trumpeters face. I highly recommend this series of books for the classical or jazz player alike.”

Danny Falcone
Lead Trumpet, Lady Gaga - Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns - Céline Dion

“Woof! Woof WOOF!” (Translation: “Shut up! This hurts my ears!”)

Peanut Fronke
Canine music critic - Beast book protester


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  • Beast Book Instructional Demo Video Installment 4 - Controlled Slur Exercises - Matt Fronke on Trumpet:

  • Beast Book Instructional Demo Video Installment 3 - Beast Etude #3 - Danny Falcone on Trumpet:

  • Beast Book Instructional Demo Video Installment 2 - Beast Etude #2 - David Washburn on Trumpet:

  • Beast Book Instructional Demo Video Installment 1 - Beast Etude #1 - Matt Fronke on Trumpet:









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