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Matt has had decades of experience self-recording, composing, arranging, and even producing tracks for professional events and recording releases.

For remote recording, two microphones Matt uses the most for trumpet and horn section are a Royer R-121 or a Coles 4038. He'll occasionally record using dynamic mics as well, all depending on the effect desired.  He uses a BAE 1073 DMP mic preamp, often with a Cloudlifter CL-Z Variable Impedence Mic Activator, and records with Logic Pro.


Matt regularly adds new gear to his studio.



for more information, or for:

  • Trumpet on your recording

  • Composing/Arranging

  • Studio Production

  • Musician Contracting


Royer R-121 Pic.jpeg

Visit the BIO, AUDIO, or VIDEO pages for samples of Matt's work.

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