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Buy Matt's Horns and Gear!

"Hi and welcome to this "FOR SALE" page recently added! I have a dire need for more studio space and have way too many great horns (and studio equipment) that I have kept around far too long. I love each and every one of these horns for different reasons, but keeping them around can be too tempting and confusing. Out of sight, out of mind, so I'm listing them on this page, bit-by-bit. If you see one that interests you, please let me know on my contact page:


Happy shopping!"

Matt Fronke

FOR SALE: Used - Excellent Condition!
Vintage 1952(?) Martin Committee Bb Trumpet with case. Lacquered brass and nickel. Serial #18188. $3,500.

"This beautiful classic has no dents, very minimal valve & slide discoloration, it's been freshly re-lacquered, the valves are well-aligned, and best of all, it plays beautifully. The serial number dates this to be made in the early '50s, right smack in the middle of the Committee's glory years. I'm told the two-toned nickel and brass make this a Deluxe model, and it has a medium bore size. I got this beauty a few years ago and Robb Stewart refurbished it into tip-top shape. I played it for awhile on the Ella Fitzgerald tribute portion of Céline Dion's former Vegas residency and with Disneyland's old Royal Street Bachelors jazz combo (they are now gone, but not forgotten). Sadly, this horn sat largely unused since, so it's time to give someone else a chance. The throw-in case (NOT a Martin Committee case) is in decent useable shape - see pictures." - Matt

FOR SALE: Used - Very good condition!
B&S Challenger 3137 Professional Bb Trumpet, silver plate, with original case. Serial #014199. $1,350.

"Yes, I'm selling two of these (scroll down this web page to see a newer one for sale). Guess you can tell I love these B&S Challenger 3137s! However, I'm committed to S.E. Shires and I need storage space. This is B&S's mission to improve on the Bach 37. Mission accomplished, in my humble opinion. They get that great Bach-like sound, but these don't back up in the upper register like Bach 37s sometimes do for me. This one is slightly older than my other one and therefore has a few small superficial flaws that can be seen in the photos. Big whoop, it still looks great, and, more importantly, it plays like a champ! Take a look at the condition of the slides and valves in the disassembled photo - you can see I've played it minimally and maintained it well. This comes with the original case which is in fairly good shape, but the case does have typical wear and tear for its age as you also see in the photos." - Matt

FOR SALE: Used - Extremely Rare Find!
Scodwell Bb Flugelhorn, lacquered brass. Tony Scodwell's actual personal horn. Excellent condition! $1,750

FOR SALE: Used - Rare Find!
Yamaha 6310z "Bobby Shew" Professional Bb trumpet, lacquered brass. $1,950

"You may be thinking, 'Rare find?? Yeah, right.' I get your skepticism, but this is the best original Bobby Shew 6310z you will find anywhere. This beauty has been tweaked and modified over the years by none other than Bobby himself, John Thomas, and yours truly, through the hands of the master of Yamaha customizing, Bob Malone. It's also had Malone's cryogenic treatment, bringing a more open feel to the blow. This very horn won me the Céline audition, and I played it through my first 3 years of her shows. I only switched because I decided I wanted something with a larger bore. Look closely at the photos - it's in terrific shape inside with no dents on the outside, just some lacquer issues in spots. Still has a vacuum-tight seal that allows easy slots and intonation with an even scale over all registers. It has a solid core to the sound, but also sparkles up high!" - Matt


FOR SALE: Used - Like New!
B&S Challenger 3137 Professional Bb trumpet, silver plate, w/original case & care kit. Serial #170477. $1,800